Bandsintown integration

Want to promote your tour dates and events in your emails? We’ve got a simple solution.

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Are you a musician who wants to promote your live events?

You can easily import event dates and ticket links from Bandsintown directly into your ConvertKit emails!

This is perfect if you want to automate your tour promotion, or if you’re a band manager who manages multiple artists.

🎸 NOTE: This feature is available for users on either the Creator or Creator Pro plan. You'll also need to have an artist profile set up on Bandsintown.

How to add your show dates to your emails

In your email (Broadcast or Sequence), click anywhere in the body of the email to pull up the + icon. Click the + icon and scroll down until you see the “Bandsintown” option.

Next, on the right-hand side of the email editor, you’ll be able to search for your band/artist name.

Once you’ve selected your name, any dates from Bandsintown will be added to the body of your email. This includes the name of the venue (if applicable) and a link to buy tickets! (Event types include concerts and live streams.)

On the right-hand side of the email editor, you can also adjust the number of events to display all events or events within a date range.

Now you’re all set to share your upcoming tour dates with your fans!

Deleting the Bandsintown content block

To remove the Bandsintown content block—and the show dates it displays—from your email, place your cursor at the end of the content block (after the last show date it displays, if any).

Then, hit the Backspace button on your keyboard.

⚠️ Data syncing limitations

Once a Bandsintown block has been added to your email, it will no longer sync the data.

This means that if you’re scheduling emails in the future, and some events have passed at the time of sending, the email will contain events that have already happened.

It also means that if events are deleted in the time between writing and sending, the email will contain events that don't exist anymore in Bandsintown.

Our recommendation...

If you know events will pass or be deleted in the time between writing and sending your email, we recommend re-adding the Bandsintown block to your email closer to your intended send date.

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