Sometimes it becomes necessary to block a subscriber from receiving your emails.

Perhaps you’ve got a subscriber who won’t stop harassing you, or who even tries to steal the contents of your emails.

Whatever the reason, you can use our handy blocking feature to prevent certain subscribers from receiving your emails.

In this article, we’ll cover how to block and unblock subscribers, some differences between blocking and manually unsubscribing subscribers, and more.

Block a subscriber, see a list of blocked subscribers, & unblocking

First, it’s important to note that the blocked subscriber won’t be notified about the block, and the block will last until you decide to unblock them. If you lift the block, the subscriber will have to resubscribe to start receiving your emails again.

To block a subscriber, go to their subscriber profile and click on Block in the left sidebar.

And that’s it!

The blocked subscriber’s status will be switched to Blocked, and they won’t be able to receive any new emails from you.

All their existing historical data (such as the emails you previously sent them) will also be retained in your account for your records.

Viewing a list of your blocked subscribers

You can view a list of all your blocked subscribers on the subscribers page.

Click on the dropdown menu at the top of the subscribers page (below the subscriber graph), followed by the “Blocked Subscribers” option.

How to unblock a subscriber

To unblock a subscriber, go to their subscriber profile and click on Unblock in the left sidebar.

This will change the subscriber’s status from Blocked to Canceled. However, your newly unblocked subscriber won’t receive any emails from you until they have resubscribed.


What’s the difference between blocking, manually unsubscribing and deleting a subscriber?

When you manually unsubscribe a subscriber, they will no longer receive your emails. However, they can resubscribe to continue receiving them anytime. Their historical data will also remain in your account.

On the other hand, when you block a subscriber, they will no longer be able to receive your emails. However, their historical data will still be kept in your account. Blocked subscribers will be able to continue receiving your emails only if you unblock them AND they resubscribe to your email list.

If you delete a subscriber, they will be completely removed from your account, along with their historical data. However, they will still be able to resubscribe to receive your emails.

Check out our other guide for more info on manually unsubscribing and deleting subscribers!

Can I preemptively block someone from joining my email list, even before they’ve subscribed?

Yes you can, if you know what their email address is. Simply add them as a subscriber before blocking them using the steps listed above.

When I block a subscriber, will they be notified that they’ve been blocked?

Nope. This information will be kept private within your account.

What will a blocked subscriber see when they try to subscribe to my email list?

When a blocked subscriber tries to subscribe, they will go through your post-subscribe flow, such as seeing your success message or being redirected to another page.

However, they won’t actually be subscribed to your email list.

Will I be charged for blocked subscribers?

No, you won’t! If you don’t want a subscriber to receive your emails, then we don’t want to charge you for them either. 🙂

Key takeaways

  • If you don’t want a subscriber to receive your emails, you can block them.

  • Blocked subscribers won’t be notified that they’ve been blocked, and won’t be able to receive your emails until you’ve unblocked them.

  • You can view a list of your blocked subscribers, and unblock them anytime.

  • You won’t be billed for blocked subscribers.

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