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How to add social media links to your emails
How to add social media links to your emails

Add custom links to your emails so your subscribers know where to find you!

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If you create content on social media and other platforms (like Patreon or Etsy), you may want to send your subscribers to those pages from your emails. Luckily, with our links feature, adding links to your broadcasts and sequences has never been easier!

How to set up links

Start by clicking anywhere in the body of your email. You’ll see the (+) sign pop up on the left-hand side of the email editor.

Scroll down until you see the Links option, and select it with your cursor. After clicking Links, the links block will show up in the body of your email.


Now you're ready to customize your links.

Adding your links

To add a link to your platform of choice, click on the ‘Add link’ button and enter your URL.

NOTE: Be sure to add the URL (e.g. rather than your handle (e.g. @convertkit).

Customizing individual links

Once you’ve added your link URL, you’ll be able to customize the text, icon, and URL from the right sidebar. You’ll also be able to remove an individual link if you no longer want to use it.

Customizing link styles

To edit the appearance of all links, click any link to navigate to the Links tab in the right sidebar.

Double-check that the right sidebar menu says Email > Links and not Email > Links > Link. The latter displays settings for customizing individual links (instead of the styles for all links).

From here, you’ll be able to change the appearance of your links (background color, font size, icon color, border style, etc). You can also choose whether you want to use icons with the Show icons toggle.

Removing links

If you want to remove the entire block of links, simply click the Remove links button from the Links settings.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to upload custom icons?

Not yet, but we do provide an “External link” icon in case you want to use a platform that doesn’t currently have an icon.

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