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How to add social media icons to your emails
How to add social media icons to your emails

Adding social media and other platform icons to your Broadcast and Sequence emails just got easier.

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Connect with your audience across multiple platforms by adding icons to your Broadcast and Sequence emails.

Want to direct your subscribers to your social media and other platforms from within your emails? You can do this easily from within the email editor, no code required!

Let's see how it works.

Setting up new social media icons in your email

From within your account, select to create a new Sequence email or Broadcast.

From here, simply click anywhere inside the body of your email. You’ll see the (+) sign pop up on the left-hand side of the email editor.

Scroll down until you see the Icons option, and select it. When you've done so, the social icons block will show up in the body of your email!

Click the new + button that has appeared to add a first social media icon to your email.

Customizing the platform icon and link

Click your social media icon. When you do so, the right sidebar will display settings for customizing the icon's platform icon and URL.

👉🏾 NOTE: Be sure to add the URL (e.g.,, rather than your handle (e.g., @convertkit).

Customizing your icons' look

Click any of your social media icons to load the Email > Section > Icons > Icon settings for it in the right sidebar.

After that, click the Icons tab in the right sidebar to display the icon customization options.

You’ll be able to choose your icon style (square, circle, or icon only), icon color, and icon alignment (left, center, right).

Adding/removing icons

To add more icons, click on the (+) sign to the right of the Icons block in the email editor.

To remove an individual icon, click the one you want to remove. Then hit the Backspace button on your keyboard.

If you want to remove the entire block of icons, simply hit the Backspace button on your keyboard for each icon—including the one with the (+) sign for adding new icons—until they're all gone.

Frequently asked questions

Can I upload custom social icons?

Not yet, but we do provide an "External link" icon in case you want to link to a platform that doesn’t currently have an icon.

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