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Visual Automations: Looping Subscribers
Visual Automations: Looping Subscribers

Send Subscribers back into an Automation where they left off.

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Automations just became more automated

You now have the ability to loop a Subscriber back into a Visual Automation! This means that you have the option to pitch them a product that they may have expressed interest in, and then slide them right back into their original place, without missing a beat.

Here's how it works.

The Evergreen Newsletter

Let’s say you have a Subscriber who is moving nicely through your evergreen newsletter (Not sure what this is? Look here). They express interest in a specific product by clicking a Link Trigger, and a Tag is added.

This new Tag immediately removes them from their place in your evergreen newsletter, and places them directly into your product pitch Sequence. (This will ensure that they don’t receive both the newsletter and pitch Sequences at the same time and thus become overwhelmed).

Once the Subscriber has completed the pitch Sequence, their next step will be to rejoin the evergreen newsletter, right where they left off!


NOTE: In this example, the evergreen welcome sequence in the original General Welcome Automation would have to not be repeatable, otherwise subscribers would restart it from the beginning once re-added to it.

Note: If you’re using the ConvertKit WordPress Plugin, you can track when a Subscriber visits your page! You can set this up by checking the box, in your ConvertKit settings, to pass the Subscriber ID back, along with your outbound links.

Once a Subscriber has rejoined the initial evergreen Sequence, ConvertKit will know to automatically skip over all of the emails they’ve previously received, allowing them to pick up right where they left off.

This can work as often as you like, and you can add another Link Trigger, to pitch another product, and the whole thing starts again!

Hint: As you publish more articles, you are able to add them to the end of your evergreen newsletter automation. This way, you are extending your evergreen funnel, rather than constantly coming up with new, one-off Broadcast emails!

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