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February 2021 WordPress Plugin Update FAQs
February 2021 WordPress Plugin Update FAQs

Find out more about the February 2021 ConvertKit WordPress plugin update.

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Frequently asked questions about the February 2021 ConvertKit WordPress plugin update

What happened?

In November 2020, we released a new version of the WordPress ConvertKit plugin (1.9.3). Unfortunately, the update introduced an error in the plugin file that caused the plugin to be deactivated for all customers who had auto-update enabled in WordPress.

We were unable to fix the error then and we made the decision to revert the update. In the last few months, we researched how we could prevent further deactivations and we believe the best way forward is to release a completely new upgrade to the plugin.

This new upgrade is planned for Monday 22nd of February, at 12pm EST.

Why do I have to check if my ConvertKit plugin is still activated?

We are asking all WordPress users to check if their plugin is still activated after our release on Monday 22nd of February because the release process may deactivate some customers’ plugin.

Unfortunately, we are not able to identify in advance who will be impacted.

I’ve checked and my plugin is still activated. Why is that?

Great news! It means you didn’t have the faulty plugin in the first place and therefore you don’t need to do anything. Your plugin is working fine.

What happens if my plugin is deactivated?

If your plugin is deactivated, you won’t be able to collect any new subscribers. Please follow these directions to reactivate your plugin:

Steps to activate & update the plugin

Here are the steps to ensure the plugin is active and working:

1. Log in to the admin area of your WordPress site and navigate to the plugins page

2. Locate the ConvertKit plugin in the list of plugins

3. If there is an ‘Activate’ link under the plugin title, this means it is currently inactive. Click ‘Activate’ to reactivate the plugin.

Will my plugin be deactivated every time ConvertKit releases a new plugin?

No! This will be the last time you ever have to worry about checking on your plugin. We have implemented stronger processes around updates ensuring that future releases to the plugin won’t impact our customers.

Will this new plugin change the way ConvertKit works with WordPress?

No, we are not introducing any new functionality with this release: we are simply fixing the error that was introduced with the last update.

I have more questions, where should I go?

If you have more questions about the ConvertKit plugin, please contact our support team at [email protected]. Our team will be happy to help you!

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