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Managing Your Community Notifications & Email Preferences
Managing Your Community Notifications & Email Preferences

How to easily adjust which notifications you receive from the ConvertKit Community.

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How to access your community notification settings

To access your community notification settings, first click your avatar from the top right of any community page, then click Account Settings > Email & Notifications:

Or, just click here to be taken directly to that page!

Adjust the frequency of community notifications

After joining the community, you'll start receiving periodic 'ConvertKit Digest' emails that summarize recent community activity and interactions. From the Email & Notifications page, you can use the dropdown menus next to each notification type to adjust their frequency.

For example, if you'd like to receive an email summary of your community notifications once per day, you could use a configuration like the following:

This can be tailored further to your preferences! If there are certain notifications you'd like to hear about as soon as they occur, such as @mentions, you can increase the frequency of that notification type to 'Immediately' (and vice versa, you can disable any of them entirely by selecting 'Never').

Don't forget to click that 'Save' button when you're done!

โ˜๏ธTIP: The 'Automatically follow anything I participate in' option is great for keeping tabs on what's happening in discussions you've participated in, but if you find your notifications are starting to pile up, you might want to try disabling it. You can still manually follow any discussions and/or topics of your choosing.

How to disable community emails

To disable community emails altogether, simply toggle 'Receive email notifications' off from the Email & Notifications page, and then click 'Save' at the bottom of the page:

โ˜๏ธNOTE: We don't recommend this, since it can result in accidentally missing interactions from fellow community members. After unsubscribing from community emails, you'll only see your notifications when you log in to the community itself. You can always view your notifications at any time by clicking the bell icon in the community top bar.

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