Sequence autosave is here! ✨

Now any changes you make to your sequence will be automatically saved, so you never lose your hard work again. Even with autosave, you're still in full control of what content goes live & when.

Here's how it all works!

Start by editing your sequence as normal

As soon as you start making edits to a sequence, you'll notice a few new controls pop up on-screen. These are courtesy of the autosave feature! Here's how they'll look:

These options allow you to publish your changes once they're ready, discard them if you change your mind, as well as view the last published version of that email (that is, the version of the email that is currently live, without your changes).

It will also be indicated on the left sidebar which emails have unpublished (autosaved) changes:

Why aren't autosaved changes published automatically?

The requirement of having you explicitly publish your autosaved changes, as opposed to them going live automatically, prevents content from being sent out to your subscribers before it's finalized.

Our autosave flow allows for all of your in-progress changes to be maintained for safekeeping, while still leaving you in full control over the content contained in the live version of your sequence at any given point.

This allows you to proofread, send yourself preview emails, and experiment with different content at your own pace, all from directly within ConvertKit. It also means there won't be any interruptions from your subscribers' perspectives — all they'll ever see is the finalized versions of your emails. 🙌

You're in control.

The live versions of your sequence emails will not be affected until you decide the changes you've made are ready to publish. You can even navigate away from the sequences page entirely, and your autosaved changes will still be waiting for you when you return.

How to publish autosaved changes

☝️NOTE: Autosaved changes need to be published individually per email.

Once you're ready for your autosaved changes to be applied to the live version of your sequence email, go ahead and click the Publish changes button at the bottom of the email editor:

After clicking that button, the live version of that sequence email will now contain all of its autosaved changes.

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: Once published, the previous version of the email will no longer be retrievable.

Viewing the last published version of the email

There may be times when you want to compare your in-progress edits against the currently-live version of the email. To do so, just click the 'View last published version' link at the top of the editor:

After clicking that link, the email editor will automatically update to display the currently-live version of the email instead (please note it will be view-only; you won't be able to edit it directly).

To continue making changes, click what will now be the 'Continue editing unpublished changes' link (same spot as before):

That will return you to the autosaved & editable version of the email, to pick up right where you left off.

☝️NOTE: The reason it says "This version is currently sending" while viewing the last published version is because any subscribers who are currently going through the sequence will be receiving that version of the email, unless (or until) your autosaved changes are published.

Discarding autosaved changes

Changed your mind about your edits? Want to start over? No problem! Just click the 'Discard changes' button at the bottom of the editor:

The email editor will revert back to the last published version of the email. And since your autosaved changes were never published, any subscribers in that sequence will be none the wiser!

⚠️ WARNING: Discarding your changes is irreversible. This button will also only discard changes for that particular sequence email, not the sequence as a whole.

Key takeaways

  • Autosave controls will automatically appear on-screen when editing your sequence emails
  • Emails with pending autosaved changes will also be indicated in the left sidebar
  • Any edits you make to your sequence emails will be autosaved for safekeeping, but they will not be published to the sequence until you click the 'Publish changes' button
  • Until you publish your autosaved changes, the last published version of the email will continue to send to any subscribers currently going through that sequence

That's all there is to it.

Now, go ahead and update your sequences with peace of mind. Your changes will be ready to publish when you are. 😌

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