Save time by allowing your subscribers to update their own profiles!

By including an 'Update your profile' link in your emails, your subscribers can quickly and easily update their own names & email addresses, as well as the billing information associated with any ConvertKit Commerce products they have purchased from you (if applicable).

☝️ PLEASE NOTE: Only first name, last name, and email address are supported on the update profile page at this time, and last name will only be shown if that custom field has been created in your account first. Their billing information will only be shown if the subscriber has purchased a ConvertKit Commerce product from you before.

How to add a subscriber preferences link

The easiest way to add a subscriber preferences link into any email, or email template, is to simply paste in the following shortcode: {{ subscriber_preferences_link }}

That shortcode will automatically change to an 'Update your profile' link custom to that subscriber when the email is sent out.

NOTE: Since subscriber preference links are generated at send-time, they will not function in preview emails (you'll just be shown a preview page instead). If you want to test out your link on an 'actual' broadcast, you can do so by sending it to just yourself first as a test.

To customize the link text to something other than 'Update your profile', you'll have to add it a little differently — you can add it as you would any text link, but simply enter {{ subscriber_preferences_url }} as its URL, like follows:

Again, that shortcode will automatically turn into that subscriber's unique profile page link at send-time.

☝️ Please note that the two shortcodes above differ slightly! That is, one contains 'link', whereas the other contains 'url'. Make sure you're using the correct version based on how you're adding it, otherwise it may not function properly.

Subscriber preferences & magic links

From the subscriber's perspective, the process of updating their profile will differ depending on whether they have purchased a ConvertKit Commerce product from you in the past.

If they haven't purchased a ConvertKit Commerce product from you before, they'll be taken directly to the subscriber preferences page when clicking the link.

If they have purchased a ConvertKit Commerce product from you before, then they'll have to go through an extra verification step. After the subscriber clicks the preferences link in your email, they'll be taken to a page that looks like this:

The subscriber will need to check their email and enter the 6-digit code we sent to them, in order to access their preferences page. Once they've entered the code, they'll be able granted access to the page and from there they can update their preferences like normal.

Why the magic link process?

If a subscriber has purchased a ConvertKit Commerce product from you in the past, then their billing information will be included on their preferences page. In order to protect this data, we have this extra step to verify it is really them trying to access that page.

If the subscriber hasn't purchased a product from you, then their billing information will not be included on the preferences page, so the verification process isn't necessary.

Having trouble?

If the update profile link isn't working in your emails, we'd recommend checking out this article, which goes over some common implementation issues.

If the subscriber can't find their verification code email, ask them to check their spam folder or Promotions tab, just in case! If that's where the email ended up, we'd also suggest they mark it as 'not spam' and/or drag it into their inbox so as to avoid that happening again in the future.

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