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Automatic UTM Parameters
Automatic UTM Parameters

Track traffic and activity from all URLs in your ConvertKit broadcasts & sequences.

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Automatically append UTM parameters to all of your broadcast & sequence links

This allows Google Analytics to track traffic and activity from all URLs in emails sent via ConvertKit.

With this data, you'll be able to better visualize the impact that email marketing has on your business goals!

How to enable automatic UTM parameters

This setting can be enabled from the advanced email settings page in your ConvertKit account.

Simply check the box next to 'Automatically append UTM parameters to email links':

Then click 'Save Settings' from the bottom left of the page. That's it!

From now on, UTM parameters will automatically be appended to all of your ConvertKit broadcast & sequence emails.

NOTE: Automatic parameters are added to links at send-time. So long as the above setting is enabled before your email is sent, they will be applied to that email's links (likewise if disabled before an email is sent).

What parameters will be used

The following UTM parameters are required, and will automatically be appended to each of your broadcast & sequence email links:

  • utm_source

  • utm_medium

  • utm_campaign

The source & medium parameters are static values. They will always be set as utm_source=convertkit and utm_medium=email unless manually overridden (see next section for details).

The campaign parameter will be automatically generated from your email's subject line & campaign ID, in the format <email_subject><campaign_id>. For example, if your email's subject line is 'Newsletter' and its ID is 1234, this parameter would become utm_campaign=newsletter1234 (unless manually overridden).

Manually overriding UTM parameters

You can still use your own custom parameters whenever you choose to.

We won't override any parameters you add manually. We'll simply fill in any missing required parameters (if applicable) with our own.

For example, say you want to use a custom utm_campaign parameter for one of your links. If you include a link to in your email, then at send time, we'll only add the remaining utm_source and utm_medium parameters to it, like so:

Note how the manually-added utm_campaign value remains unchanged. You can also override the other values in the same way.

Parameters in preview emails

Please note that automatic UTM parameters will not be appended to links in preview emails. To preview the final version of your links, you'll need to send an actual version of the email to yourself.

NOTE: We have a guide here on how to send an actual (non-preview) broadcast to just one subscriber (i.e. you) for testing!

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