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How to Change a Form's Template & Display Format
How to Change a Form's Template & Display Format

How to change the template & display format (i.e. modal, inline, slide-in, or sticky bar) for existing forms.

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Changed your mind about your form design?

We have good news. You're able to change your Form's template & display format at any time.

NOTE: Due to their complexity, Landing Page templates cannot be changed after-the-fact the same way that forms can.

Let's run through it.

Start from the sidebar

These options are located on the form builder sidebar under 'General styles'. Click the grey 'CHANGE TEMPLATE' button to get started:

You'll be taken to a page that looks like the following:

To change your Form's template, simply click the red 'Choose' button under the new template you'd like to change it to.

☝️ TIP: Some templates have more text placeholders than others. We'd recommend making a backup of any copy you've written for your form before this step, in case you need to re-add it somewhere else in your new template.

To change your Form's display format, first click 'change' near the top of the page here:

From there, select your new desired format:

NOTE: You may also need to select a different template, since not all templates are available for all display formats.

If your Form is already embedded on your website using its raw HTML code, please note you may need to re-copy and paste the embed code onto your website in order to see these changes.

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