Add a personal touch to your emails with a profile photo of you!

You can set your profile picture within ConvertKit and within your email address settings to be displayed next to your outgoing emails (example below):

NOTE: Whether a profile photo will displayed in your recipients' inboxes depends on the email client they are using.

Setting your profile picture within ConvertKit

You can set your profile picture within ConvertKit from your profile page:

NOTE: This is also the profile picture that will be used in our own ConvertKit Community! Our community is quickly becoming the best place to go to connect with creators like you from around the world. This is your go-to place if you’re looking for inspiration, advice, to share a win, as well as if you have any questions about using ConvertKit!

You'll need to sign up for a separate service called Gravatar in order to set this up. At this time, it is not possible to configure a profile picture for your ConvertKit account outside of Gravatar.

☝️ Please note that the Gravatar image used inside of ConvertKit is only for your reference within your account, and within our community. We don’t set or send any images in your outgoing emails — that profile image is set by your email client.

How to set a sender picture

Your sender picture (i.e., the one that will be shown in recipients' inboxes, where supported) needs to be set in your email address settings, outside of ConvertKit. That is where that sender profile image is pulled from.

If your email address is hosted by something like G Suite, for example, you should log into G Suite and upload your profile photo from within your settings there.

NOTE: Since the sender profile picture is set by your email client, not ConvertKit, our support team is unable to help troubleshoot why your profile picture may not be displaying in your subscribers' inboxes. We would recommend reaching out to the support team of your email address provider for further assistance.

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