How to resolve common incentive email link issues. 🔗

Here's what to check for if your subscribers are reporting errors when clicking the link in your incentive email.

Where to find your incentive email link

First, click settings from the top of the form builder:

Then click 'Incentive' from the sidebar. Your current incentive email link will be in the field under the 'URL' button:

By default, we will input our confirmation link in this field, which will send your subscribers to a page that looks like this:

You are welcome to keep using this page, but please note it cannot be edited. Alternatively, you are welcome to replace that URL with your own (such as a thank you page on your own website).

Incentive email link troubleshooting steps

1. Ensure the link includes the http:// or https:// in front of it

For example, instead of just, you'll want to enter in the URL field.

NOTE: Whether to use http:// or https:// depends on whether your site has SSL configured. Using https:// without SSL configured will result in security errors.

2. Ensure the link is publicly accessible

To verify this, try visiting the link you entered in the URL field from a Private Browsing/Incognito window. Here's how to open an Incognito window on Chrome (Safari & Firefox call it a Private Window instead):

If it is a publicly accessible link, it should resolve successfully on a Private browsing window. If it doesn't, you'll need to re-visit the privacy settings of that page on your website. (Is it still drafted by accident?)

Security errors

If your subscribers are getting a security error in their browser when clicking the link in your incentive email (such as This site cannot provide a secure connection), please reach out to us with a screenshot of the error.

Additionally, if these steps don't solve the issue you're experiencing, reach out to our team with the name of the form and a description of what you're seeing or what your subscribers are experiencing.

Troubleshooting: Incentive Downloads

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