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Troubleshooting: Incentive Downloads
Troubleshooting: Incentive Downloads

How to resolve common incentive download issues.

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If your subscribers are having trouble downloading the file attached to your incentive email, here's what to look for.

First things first

Before proceeding, please verify that the file has been uploaded to your form successfully.

To do so, first click 'Settings' from the toolbar at the top of the form builder:

Then select 'Incentive' from the sidebar, and and ensure that 'Download' is selected (not URL), and that your filename is present, indicating that your file has been uploaded:

If you just uploaded the file, make sure you save your form and then check again that the file is still present in the settings shown above.

If the file has been successfully uploaded, and you or your subscribers are still experiencing issues downloading it from the incentive email, please proceed to the next steps:

Troubleshooting steps for incentive downloads

The most common incentive download issues result in an error that looks like the following when the subscriber clicks the button in your incentive email:

This error is often resolved by the following steps:

1. Re-save & re-upload the file

Sometimes, simply re-saving and re-uploading the file will fix it!

2. Make changes to the filename, then re-upload

Please make the following changes to the filename, if applicable:

  • Shorten it to <20 characters

  • Remove any spaces and/or underscores

  • Remove any special characters, such as accented letters (é, â, ñ, ï, etc.)

Re-uploading the file with a filename within the above specifications will often resolve the issue.

Security errors

If your subscribers are getting a security error in their browser when clicking the link in your incentive email, such as This site cannot provide a secure connection, please reach out to us with a screenshot of the error.

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