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Adding Notes to Visual Automations
Adding Notes to Visual Automations

How to add internal notes for your own reference to your visual automation nodes.

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Make your life easier by adding notes for yourself in your automations! Here's how to do it.

NOTE: If you share or duplicate a visual automation, its notes will be included.

Adding notes

1. Hover over any node in your visual automation to reveal the 'add notes' option

2. Click 'add notes', and type your note in the space provided

3. Press 'Save', and you're done!

The note icon will be displayed with a green dot to indicate a note is present on that node.

View or edit notes

To view or edit a note, simply hover over the note indicator and click 'edit notes.'

Make your changes if desired, then press 'Save' once more.

Removing notes

To remove your note, simply delete all the text in the note and press 'Save' again. It'll go back to how it was originally.

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