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Image Galleries for Landing Pages

How to set up collections of images for your opt-ins.

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Showcase a curated gallery of images on your opt-ins.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes one isn't enough to tell the whole story. That's where galleries come in!

How to add an image collection

To add an image gallery to your landing page, click on a paragraph, and then click the plus sign (+) button on the left to reveal the content block editor.

If you’re inside of a paragraph where collections are supported, you’ll find the 'Gallery' option in the list:

Selecting 'Gallery' will insert an image collection below the current paragraph.

NOTE: Collections are supported in most paragraphs, but not all of them. If you don’t see an option to add a collection, it isn’t supported on that area of the page yet. We’ll be adding collections to more parts of our templates over time!

Add your images

Once your image gallery has been created, click '+ Add Image' and add an image via our regular image uploader (or select one from one of our integrations):

Once an image has been added, you'll have the option to add a caption under it, or leave it blank for no caption to be displayed.

To replace an image, click on it, then replace it from the sidebar. You can also add a link to your image from the sidebar.

Proceed to add as many additional images as you like to your gallery!

Remove and/or rearrange your images

To remove or rearrange the images in your gallery, first click on one of the images (it doesn't matter which one). Then, from the 'Rearrange elements' section in the right sidebar, you can drag & drop them to rearrange, and/or click the X to remove them:

Gallery styling options and settings

To adjust the overall styling settings of your gallery, click the 'Settings' button to reveal its options in the sidebar:

Let's go over each of the sidebar settings:


By default, your gallery will be set to a basic 'Grid' layout. You can select 'Gallery' instead for a more classic gallery look, with a larger image in focus, and the ability to toggle between them.

Rounded Corners

This will determine the border radius of your gallery images. Select 'None' for no corner rounding, all the way to 'Full' for circular images.

Caption Size, Weight, & Color

These options will style the text of your image captions.

NOTE: Remember that captions are optional! You can leave them blank if you choose to, and while their placeholders will remain available for use in the editor, they will not show up in your final design.


How many columns across your gallery will be (for example, 1 will result in a single-column layout).


Select the best crop based on the desired aspect ratio for your gallery images.

Preview the live version of your gallery

Once you've configured your settings from the sidebar, your gallery will look something like below in the builder:

This example is set to a 3-column grid layout with full rounded corners. To see it in its full glory, click the 'Preview' button near the top left of the builder:

This will reveal how everything will look on the live version of your opt-in, with all the editing prompts removed:

That's all there is to it!

Galleries allows you to show off your work to your audience in a whole new way.

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