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Troubleshooting: Forms Not Displaying (Modals, Slide ins, & Sticky Bars)
Troubleshooting: Forms Not Displaying (Modals, Slide ins, & Sticky Bars)

Common issues & resolutions for why your modal, slide-in, or sticky bar form may not be displaying once embedded on your website.

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Hold up: before proceeding with this article, please check out our general form embed troubleshooting steps here. That article covers several common issues that could prevent your form from displaying, regardless of its format.

For this tutorial, we'll assume you've already attempted those basic troubleshooting steps, and that your issue is still persisting.

How to troubleshoot display settings specific to modal, slide-in, and sticky bar forms

These formats have some extra display settings to configure, and some of these can inadvertently prevent the form from being displayed while testing.

Here's what to look out for.

☝️ Remember to re-test your form between each step!

1. Check how often you have your form set to display

Since these formats show up over top of your site content, we give you the option to only show it to your subscribers every X number of days to prevent it from becoming too intrusive.

By default, these formats are set to show once every 15 days. This means that after you see your own form once, we won't show it to you again for another 15 days. This can cause confusion while testing if you're not aware of that, and are left wondering why your form stopped showing up after seeing it once.

Luckily, it's easy to verify whether this is the issue you're experiencing. Simply visit your site from a Private browsing/Incognito window.

Here's how to open an Incognito window on Chrome (Safari & Firefox call it a Private Window instead):

If it shows up there, you can rest assured it's showing up to your new site visitors as well.

How to check how often your form is set to display

First, click 'Settings' from the form builder toolbar:

This setting is located at the bottom of the 'General' section, highlighted below:

If you want your form to display every time a visitor reaches the page upon which it is embedded, you'll want to set this to 0 days.

We don't necessarily recommend this, because displaying a pop-up every time someone visits your site can be intrusive. However, it might make sense for certain use cases.

You can also temporarily set a form to show every 0 days just while you're testing it, so you don't have to keep checking from an Incognito window—just make sure you change it back to the correct value once you're done!

2. Check the circumstances under which you have your form set to display

These settings are located in the same modal as above:

NOTE: Exit Intent will not show as an option for sticky bar forms.

Double-check that you have the correct option selected here, and that you're attempting to trigger your form to display under the correct circumstances:

  • Exit Intent will cause the form to display when we detect the visitor is about to leave the page. Since this is based on mouse cursor placement, exit intent may not work reliably on mobile devices. (We cover this more in the last section.)

  • Scroll percentage will cause the form to display once the visitor has scrolled a set percentage down the page.

  • Timing will cause the form to display once the visitor has been on the page for a set number of seconds.

3. Check the devices on which you have your form enabled

This option is also located in the same modal as the above settings:

You can choose to show your form on All Devices, Mobile Devices only, or Desktop only. Make sure you have this set correctly based on the device you're testing it on.

Still having trouble?

Please reach out to us with the name of the form (as displayed on the forms page in your account), the URL on which it should be embedded, and a description or screenshot of how you embedded it.

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