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Email Sending Frequency and Volume
Email Sending Frequency and Volume

Best practices for knowing how often to send emails to your list, and how many emails to send.

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To have good deliverability you should send consistently and avoid any sudden changes in sending habits.

Senders often wonder how often they should email subscribers. While most of us want to be cautious not to over send, some don't realize that sending too infrequently can also hurt your deliverability.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow when it comes to frequency and volume:

  • Send at least once/week to your subscribers. Choosing this cadence helps to keep subscribers engaged with your content and more importantly, with you. Remember: building your audience means truly connecting with them on a regular basis!

  • Try to avoid large gaps in email sending. Your deliverability is heavily determined by your domain's reputation. Any changes to the way you send emails can cause mailbox providers to be cautious about your content. Taking a few months off could lower your open rates after you've returned to your normal sending pattern. Once the mailbox providers can see your normal sending has resumed, your open rates will likely begin to level out again over time. A good idea here might be to write emails in advance, if you need to step away from your usual sending routine. ConvertKit allows you to queue broadcasts in advance, and run sequences automatically!

  • Avoid sending multiple times a day to the same group of subscribers. This is a tactic that can be associated with malicious behavior and can ultimately be a red flag with mailbox providers. Sending too frequently can also give subscribers inbox fatigue, causing them to unsubscribe or to mark your messages as spam.

  • Avoid large increases in volume. Any unusual sending behavior causes mailbox providers to take another look at your reputation and be more cautious with your emails. If you'll be introducing a new, large group of subscribers to your list, it's best to send to them gradually rather than all at once.

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