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Our Built-In Image Editor

How to touch up the images in your emails and opt-ins using our built-in image editor.

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ConvertKit + image editing = 😍

Now, you can make adjustments to your uploaded images—including cropping, resizing, and adding filters—all from within ConvertKit!

How to access our image editor

From within a form or landing page:

If the image was uploaded directly into an existing placeholder slot: click on the image, then click the 'Edit' button in the right sidebar:

If the image was uploaded using the block editor within a text area: click on the image, then click the 'Edit image' button in the modal.

From within a broadcast or sequence email:

Click on the image, then click the 'Edit image' button in the modal.

How to use our image editor

As soon as the image editor opens, it'll look a little something like this:

One of best ways to get acquainted with this editor is to start experimenting with all of the controls. (Don't worry, there's an undo button! 😉)

But for your reference, here's an overview:


The cancel button will exit the image editor without saving your changes.


The undo button will appear to the right of the cancel button after you make some changes to your image.

NOTE: The undo button will only work for changes made in the current editing 'session'—once you save your changes by clicking Done, they'll be made permanent.


Drag the corners of the bounding box around the image to crop it, or use the action buttons shown above to quickly rotate your image to the left, or flip it horizontally or vertically.

While the crop option is selected, you'll also have access to this slider at the bottom of the editor, which you can drag from side-to-side to straighten your image.


Move over, Instagram. We now have filters available directly in ConvertKit!

Click on them to preview how they look. You can easily remove a filter by selecting the leftmost 'Original' option (or using the Undo button).


Use these sliders to adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, and saturation of your image's colors.


Want to draw, or add annotations, directly on your image? The markup option allows you to do this! Check out the options available in the screenshot above for what types of markup you're able to add.

Don't forget to configure which color and styling you want to use from the bottom of the editor, using this menu:


The done button will exit the editor and save your changes.

Deleting Images

Images uploaded to your image library cannot be deleted at this time. However, your most recently used images will appear at the top of your library for easy reuse!

NOTE: Once you click the Done button, your changes will be made permanent and will no longer be able to be undone. However, you can always re-upload the original image if you want to start over.

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