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Wrap text around images in your emails
Wrap text around images in your emails

How to enable text wrapping for images in your Broadcasts and Sequences.

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Text wrapping in ConvertKit emails

It’s easy to wrap text around images in our email editor

Here’s how to set it up.

1. Add the image to your email

2. Adjust the image's width and alignment

If the image is too wide, there won’t be enough space next to it for the text to wrap. So, experiment with which image width works best.

3. Enable the Wrap text toggle

You can find the toggle under the image settings' Advanced dropdown tab.

Assuming you’ve left enough space next to the image (by adjusting its width), the text will wrap around it after you've enabled the Wrap text toggle. That’s it! ✨

You can also change the image’s alignment to have the text wrap on the other side instead:

More options with minimal effort? Welcome to creating with ConvertKit.

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