Our Incentive Email editor now uses the same content menu as our regular Email Editor!

To edit the Incentive Email for a Form, click the envelope icon on the right toolbar of the Form or Landing Page editor, and then click 'Edit email contents'.

From the modal that pops up, you can edit your Incentive Email. You can select the sending email address, and change the subject line & email contents.

You can reveal the plus sign menu by hovering over the left hand side of the editor, and add new content blocks that way:

For more information on the content menu and what types of content you can add (and how), check out this article! The New Email Editor

You can also easily change the button color of the incentive email (it no longer needs to match the form itself!). Just click on the button from the editor, then select a new value for the background color:

Once you’re done editing the Incentive Email, click the red Save button at the bottom of the editor:

Be strategic with your styling

Don’t forget: simple emails tend to perform better. Feel free to personalize your Incentive Email to match your brand; however, try not to go too overboard with additional content and styling. 

Ultimately, you don’t want to distract your Subscribers from clicking that confirmation button!

The Incentive Email

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