Creating and maintaining an engaged list

Once your audience begins signing up to your list, they become Subscribers. This means they want to hear from you again! 

A great way to keep them engaged is to send a simple, one-off email as often as you like. 

In ConvertKit, these are called Broadcasts. 

Start at the top

Select the Broadcasts tab, and then click New Broadcast.

If you haven't added your Sending Address yet, now is the time to do that. You'll need to confirm that address before sending is possible.

Then select who will receive this Broadcast. (Your whole list? Just a Segment?)

(You can also describe your Broadcast to make it easier to find later on, when you've sent lots of them. Your Subscribers will never see this description.)

Now you're ready to add your email copy! 

Finally, you'll preview your Broadcast to see what your Subscribers will see when it lands in their inbox. Then you're ready to send! 

You can either select to schedule sending, or choose to send immediately. 

Watch the video for further learning.

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