Every Subscriber Matters

Whether you are beginning with a handful of Subscribers, or you have a small list to import, ConvertKit makes it easy to get started managing your list.

Watch this quick tutorial for adding and importing Subscribers into ConvertKit!

The Subscriber Profile

Whenever you click on a Subscriber, you'll be taken to their profile, starting with their Email History.

Under the Email History tab, you'll see Email Type, Subject, and the Sent time.

Email History

Next to all of the emails you send out, you'll notice colored circles to the left of each subject line. Here is what each of those colored circles represent.

(You can hover over these if you forget.)

The Forms Tab

Here is where you'll know how many Forms a Subscriber is on, and also when they first got added to this Form.

NOTE: if your Form was set to send an Incentive email as a double opt-in, then "Active" on the Form means they clicked on the button in the email.

If your Incentive email is not set to auto-confirm, it will say "Inactive" on the Form if they do not click on the button.

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