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Add an internal note to your broadcasts
Add an internal note to your broadcasts

Learn how to add an internal note to yourself within your broadcasts that your subscribers won't see.

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Store helpful reminders on your broadcast's contents

When creating a broadcast, you can optionally add an internal note or description to give yourself more context on what your broadcast is about.

Only you can see the internal note—it will not be shown to your subscribers.

To add an internal note to your broadcast, draft your broadcast as usual. After that, navigate to the Share page.

Scroll down and click the Advanced options setting. It'll expand to reveal a field for filling out an internal note:

We'll save your internal note automatically as you set up the rest of your broadcast's share settings. 😀

Adding or editing internal notes after sending your broadcast

To add or edit your broadcast's internal notes after it's been sent, go to the main Broadcasts page.

Click on either the:

  • Subject line of the broadcast for which you want to add an internal note, or the

  • View Report button next to that broadcast.

From there, under your broadcast's subject line, you can add an internal note or edit an existing one:

The internal note is also indexed by the Broadcasts page's search feature, making it even easier to find a broadcast that you're looking for!

How you might use internal notes

As its name suggests, internal notes are for internal use only—purely for your own reference.

Here are some types of information you might find useful to add as an internal note to your broadcast:


Who was the broadcast sent to? Depending on how you filtered the recipients, this might include where they are located, or the tags/segments they have.


What action were you encouraging your subscribers to take? This could be anything from clicking a link to a blog post to promoting a particular product for sale.


Was this broadcast part of a particular launch campaign? If so, you can keep track of that here for easy reference and searchability.

Internal notes vs. preview text

While subscribers can't view internal notes, they'll be able to view any preview text that you've added to your broadcasts.

The preview text will appear after the subject line when your broadcast lands in a subscriber's inbox. Such text is great for enticing subscribers to open and read your broadcasts!

And you can learn how to add preview text to your broadcasts here. 👇

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