Up until now, the broadcasts page has listed your previous broadcasts by their subject lines only.

Now, you have the option of adding a description to them for further context.

You’ll notice the new description section on the recipients page when creating a new broadcast:

You can also add or edit this description after the broadcast has been sent.

To do so, click into it from the broadcasts list, which will take you to its reports page. From there, under the subject line, you can add or edit the description:

This description is also indexed by the search feature on the broadcasts page, making it even easier to find what you’re looking for!

How you might use this feature

This description is for internal use only — purely for your own reference.

Here are some types of information you might find useful to add to this description field:


Who was the broadcast sent to? Depending on how you filtered the recipients, this might include where they are located, or which tags/segments they have.


What action were you encouraging your subscribers to take? This could be anything from clicking a link to a blog post to promoting a particular product for sale.


Was this broadcast part of a particular launch campaign? If so, you can keep track of that here for easy reference and searchability.

The Broadcast Recipients Page

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