Share your video directly with your Subscribers using email

Create a seamless experience for your Subscribers by embedding the link for your YouTube video directly into your emails! 

The Set Up

Simple and straightforward, these 3 steps will have you ready to share your YouTube content with your list in minutes. 

  • Copy the link to your YouTube video 

  • Paste this link into your Sequence or Broadcast editor 

  • That’s it! 

Okay, so maybe it was just 2 steps and a celebration. 

When you paste your link into the editor, you’ll notice that the video window will pop up, like this: 

How it works 

Once your link is embedded into your email editor, it’s live. 

Your Subscribers will be able to click on your video, and will then be automatically redirected to your YouTube page. (The video itself will not play within the email.)

The New Email Editor

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