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The ConvertKit Referral Program
The ConvertKit Referral Program

Increase your account's subscriber limit by referring friends and fellow creators to ConvertKit!

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Share your love of ConvertKit, and increase your account's subscriber limit at the same time.

Each time someone signs up to ConvertKit via your referral link, we'll automatically add 100 bonus subscribers to your account's subscriber limit.

You can unlock up to a maximum of 1,000 bonus subscribers โ€” in other words, you'll receive the subscriber bonus for your first 10 successful referrals.

Free plan users

Our free plan comes with a 1,000 subscriber limit right off the bat. Through referrals, you can increase this limit up to 2,000 subscribers, and it'll still be 100% free!

Paid plan users

The 100 bonus subscribers will be added on top of your plan's maximum subscriber limit. They'll also stick with you thereafter: once your plan level increases, any bonus subscribers you'd earned previously will be tacked on top of that new plan's limit instead.

For example: say you're on our $49 monthly plan, which includes up to 3,000 subscribers (you can review our plan levels here). 10 successful referrals will increase that subscriber limit by 1,000, allowing you to manage up to 4,000 subscribers while remaining on the $49 plan. And, however many times your plan is upgraded after that, your subscriber limit will continue to be 1,000 greater than the usual. Boom!

How do I refer people?

Visit the referrals page in your account to find your unique referral link. You can share your link anywhere on the web, or use the email form on that page to send it directly to your contacts:

Your account will automatically receive credit once an invite is accepted (and we'll also notify you when this happens! ๐ŸŽ‰).

From the referrals page is also where you can track who has accepted your email invites and who has signed up via your link, as well as see how many bonus subscribers you've unlocked so far:

What if I'm also a ConvertKit affiliate?

Our affiliate and referral programs are separate, and our referral program does not include affiliate commission.

As a result, if you've already successfully referred 10 people, or if unlocking additional subscribers is not of importance to you right now, you'll probably want to focus on promoting your affiliate link over your referral link. (If you haven't already, you can apply to become a ConvertKit affiliate here!)

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