Refer A Friend and Unlock Features

Now you can refer friends from within your ConvertKit account, unlock features, and earn additional Subscribers. 

Refer Through Email or Link Sharing

To get started, click on your Account Settings dropdown menu, and then select the Referrals option: 

Here you’ll see two options: invite using an email address or by sharing a link. 

For email invites specifically, add emails to the email address field above the copy, and then customize your message however you like. 

To invite using the link, you can grab the URL by clicking the copy button. Share this on Facebook, Instagram, or in your next email to your list! 

As your friends accept your referrals from your link or emails and you earn more email subscribers, you'll be able to see them roll in on your dashboard, like this:

How it works 

  • When someone signs up using your referral, they are automatically able to manage 100 Subscribers for free inside of ConvertKit! They will have access to Broadcasts and Subscriber modules. 
  • The same is true for invites sent using both the email and link options. 
  • Additionally, these same perks will be given to the ConvertKit user who sent out the invites. It’s a win win! 

If you're currently on a free plan, your first accepted referral will unlock email broadcast sending as well as earn 100 subscribers. You'll earn another 100 subscribers for each additional accepted referral.

If you're currently on a paid plan, and earn referrals, you will earn additional Subscribers without paying anything extra on your current pricing tier. A sweet deal all the way around! Jump into your account's referral dashboard to start referring friends today.

The ConvertKit Free Plan

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