Imagine spending months gearing up for a product launch and finally hitting send on the launch email. 

You wait a minute, switch over to your e-commerce software, and refresh. Nothing. You switch back to your inbox and it starts filling with emails saying, “the link doesn’t work!”

What do you do? This scenario is a nightmare for online marketers and and I think many of us have encountered it at one time or another. 

Imagine being able to click on your broadcast, fix the broken URL, and have the complaints stop immediately. With Creator Pro, you can. 

You have the capability to change a URL on an email even after it has been sent.

Here’s how it looks:

New ‘Edit’ option to the right of the links included in the email.

An easy fix!

Not only will you save hundreds of sales, but the majority of your Subscribers won’t ever know you made a mistake!

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