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Advanced Deliverability Reporting
Advanced Deliverability Reporting

An overview of the advanced deliverability reports available in ConvertKit. (Creator Pro)

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View how the open & click rates of your emails are trending over time.

With Creator Pro, you have access into advanced deliverability reports, which can also be filtered to display isolated data for specific subsets of your list.

This is a game changer for anyone troubleshooting an open rate decline!

You have the option to view deliverability reports for both broadcasts and sequences, within particular subsets of your list (as defined by you), and even specific email service providers.

Where to access deliverability reports

You can access these reports from the subscribers page. From across the top of the subscriber graph, click Broadcast or Sequences, depending on which type of report you'd like to see:

Deliverability report breakdown

Sample deliverability report for broadcasts:

The light grey bars indicate the number of recipients for a broadcast.

Sample deliverability report for sequences:

The blue bars show the volume of emails sent per sequence on that day.

For both types of reports, the green line represents their open rate, and the orange line represents their click rate. You can also hover over the graph to be displayed a more detailed breakdown in table form:

Take it a step further

Aggregate reports are great, but the true power of this feature is in its filtering abilities and the ability to isolate deliverability data for certain subsets of your list. To modify your report filters, first locate the filter icon to the left of the date range selector:

Filter by email service provider

If you learn from your subscribers that they aren’t receiving your emails, you’re able to seek further insights into particular platforms (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) that could be the cause. You can toggle which providers are shown on the graph via these checkboxes:

Filter by subset

You know the recipient filters you modify to determine the audience for a broadcast? They're available for these reports, too!

This allows you to identify deliverability and engagement trends within certain subsets of your list, which can help guide your content strategy accordingly.

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