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How to connect ConvertKit to Squarespace Commerce
How to connect ConvertKit to Squarespace Commerce

Connect your ConvertKit account to Squarespace Commerce to track your subscribers’ purchases.

Updated over a week ago

If you are on the Squarespace Commerce Advanced plan, you can take advantage of our purchases feature. We’ll even pull in all subscriber purchase history data! 

Here’s how to set it up.

1. Generate an API Key in Squarespace

From the Squarespace sidebar, click Settings > Advanced > Developer API Keys, then click the ‘Generate Key’ button.

In the window that pops up, give your Key a memorable name (for example, ‘ConvertKit’). Under Permissions, select ‘Orders’ > 'Read and Write', then click 'Generate Key':

On the next window, click ‘Copy Key’ under your newly generated API key. 

Make sure you don’t close this window before you copy it, because you won’t be able to access it again!

2. Connect the Integration in ConvertKit

Back in ConvertKit, click Automations > Integrations (or click here), then click Squarespace:

Copy the API Key you just generated in Squarespace into the API Key field here:

Click Next, and then click the ‘Sync Squarespace orders to ConvertKit’ button:

Click Next again, and now you can track your Squarespace Commerce purchases from within ConvertKit!

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