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How to Combine Visual Automation Entry Points into a Tag
How to Combine Visual Automation Entry Points into a Tag

Reached the maximum number of entry points for your Visual Automation? Here’s how to merge them into a single Tag!

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In ConvertKit, Visual Automations can have a maximum of five entry points (e.g. five Forms). If you want to add more, you’ll have to merge them into a Tag. This article will cover how to do that!

NOTE: This method is not recommended if you want your Subscribers to be able to loop through this automation multiple times. But it works if you only want your Subscribers to go through it once, via any one of the entry points.

Here’s an example of how your Visual automation might look before merging the entry points:

Here’s how to combine those entry points into a Tag.

TIP: You also have the option to select 'Any form' as an entry point, if you want the automation to trigger when a subscriber joins any of your forms or landing pages!

1. Create an Automation Rule

From the Rules page, create a new Rule.

On the left, under Trigger, add each of the current entry points (e.g. Form subscriptions). On the right, under Action, add a Tag. (This is the Tag we’ll ultimately use to trigger the Visual Automation!) Then, click the red ‘Save Rule’ button at the bottom.

Here’s an example of how your Rule might look. In this example, the Rule adds the Tag ‘Interested in Blogging’ if the Subscriber signs up to any of the Forms on the left:

2. Replace Visual Automation’s Entry Points with the Tag

Now we have a Rule that will add a Tag based on a subscription to any one of a number of Forms. As a result, we can go back to our Visual Automation and remove the Form entry points, and then replace it with the newly created Tag as the only entry point!

NOTE: You won’t be able to delete the last entry point before adding a new one to replace it. So we’d recommend first deleting all but one Form entry point, then adding the Tag entry point, and finally deleting the last Form entry point.

Here’s what your Automation might look like once you’ve merged the entry points into a Tag:

Remember, the Rule we made before works in the background to add this ‘Interested in Blogging’ Tag once a Subscriber signs up to one of the Forms that triggers the Rule. That Tag, in turn, triggers this automation.

There’s no limit to the number of triggers for a Rule, so you can keep adding additional Forms to the list of Triggers for that Rule!

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