By default, ConvertKit only imports two fields: First Name and Email address. If you want to import additional Subscriber fields from your previous email service provider, you'll need to set up those fields in ConvertKit before you import your CSV. 

Here's how!

1. Create the Fields from any Subscriber Profile

If you don't have any Subscribers yet, add yourself by clicking the red ‘Add Subscribers’ button from the Subscribers page, and then click ‘Add a single subscriber’, and enter your information. 

NOTE: You’ll also have to select a Form, Sequence, or Tag to import the Subscriber into. Remember this is just for the purposes of creating the custom fields; you can always delete this ‘sample’ Subscriber after you’re done with the import.

Now, click on the Subscriber you just created from the list on the Subscribers page (or, if you already have Subscribers on your account, you can skip the above and just click on any one of them from the list).

Once on the Subscriber’s profile page, click on the ‘+ Add a new field’ link below the default fields.

Give the new field a name in ‘Field name’ (e.g. ‘Last Name’). Optionally, you can also include the value for that Subscriber in ‘Field value’ (e.g. ‘Smith’). Or, you can just leave it blank for now and let it get filled in by the import in the next step.

Repeat these steps for each custom field you need to add.

Once all of the fields you need have been added to this Subscriber (note that creating a custom field on one Subscriber’s profile makes it available for all Subscribers in your account), click the red ‘Update Subscriber’ button and move onto the next step.

2. Import CSV + Map the Fields

Back on the Subscribers page, click the red ‘Add Subscribers’ button again, but this time select ‘Import a CSV’ and upload your file.

Next, under where it says ‘Map the Columns to Fields’, go down the list and select the correct column for the correct field in ConvertKit.

This is really important! 🚨You want to make sure to map your CSV columns to the correct fields! If you don't select a column, that information will not be added to ConvertKit.

NOTE: If you import a CSV with information about an existing Subscriber, that will override and replace the information you have stored in ConvertKit. This is a great way to correct names or issues in bulk!

Lastly, click the red ‘Import Subscribers’ button and you’re done!

If you’re having trouble with this step, there might be an issue with your CSV. Click here to check out our article on troubleshooting CSV errors.

Importing Email Subscribers

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