To get to the Settings page for your Sequence, click ‘Settings’ near the top of the page, above the email editor:

This will take you to the settings page for that specific Sequence. Each Sequence has its own settings page, and can be configured individually!

Don’t worry! Let’s start from the top...

Send emails as

Here, you can select the sending email you’d like you use for this Sequence. There can only be one sending email per Sequence, so this sending address will automatically be used for all of this Sequence’s emails.

Send Emails

Here you can select the default sending days for the emails in this Sequence. You can uncheck certain days of the week if you don’t want emails to send on those days.

NOTE: Sending days can also be modified on a per-email basis under the ‘When to send’ menu, above the email editor. Only uncheck sending days on the overall settings page if you don’t want any emails from the Sequence to send on those days.

✋🏻Want to temporarily pause a Sequence? Easy! Just uncheck all the sending days. Once you re-check them, Subscribers will pick up where they left off!

Here you can set the default sending time for the emails in this Sequence.

This send time is used for emails that have a delay of a number of days. For example, if an email in a Sequence has a 1 day delay, then that email would send 1 day after the previous, at the time set here.

In contrast, if an email has a delay of 1 hour, it’ll send 1 hour after the previous email — regardless of the sending time set here.

Similarly, emails set to send Immediately will send at the time of signup, regardless of the default send time.

Email template

Here you can select a different email template for this Sequence. Similar to the sending email selected above, this template will be applied to all emails in this Sequence.

Exclude subscribers from this sequence

You have the option to select one or more Forms, Sequences, Tags, or Segments to exclude from this Sequence. If selected, we will not send any emails to any Subscribers in that group, even if they get added to this Sequence.

A common use case for this is excluding a ‘Purchased’ tag from a Sales Sequence, so that as soon as they receive that tag, they would stop receiving sales emails from the Sequence. 

NOTE: You also have the option to set exclusion filters on a per-email basis, so only select exclusions from the overall settings page if you don’t want those Subscribers to receive any of the emails in the Sequence. Check out our article on exclusion filters here.

Duplicate This Sequence

Duplicating a Sequence will duplicate all of its content & settings, but not its stats nor its Subscribers. Very useful if you want to use an existing Sequence as a framework or ‘starting off’ point for a new one!

Delete Sequence

Delete your Sequence in its entirety. This cannot be undone!

Don’t forget to click the Update Sequence button at the bottom of the page if you make any updates to the above settings! ✔️

Connect Your Form to a Sequence

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