Introducing Becca

Her life was good. 

Becca was enjoying her job, and wasn't looking for change. With a background in interior design, she had landed a comfortable position at a construction firm. She also had a bit of a creative streak, and so on a whim she decided to give calligraphy a try. 

Even though she hadn't expected anything more than a fun hobby, it instantly became an obsession. Becca began practicing as often as she could, and her excitement and skills continued to grow.

Suddenly, she could see the potential in her new passion.  

Here, Becca shares her experience of going from a very typical 9-5 job to a life that she never imagined- in all of the right ways. 

Tell us more about what you do! 

I practice and teach modern calligraphy and hand-lettering! I do work for clients (things like large window signage on storefronts, menu boards, murals, and also signage pieces for events like weddings), but the majority of my income actually comes from teaching. So I have online courses and tutorials, and I also teach in-person workshops!

How did you get started with this passion? Was it a side-hustle or did you jump right in with both feet? 

It started as a hobby on the side of my full-time job about 4 years ago. My background is in Interior Design, and I was working as a project manager for construction projects at the time. 

I was just drawn to calligraphy, so I decided to take an evening workshop locally, and I got absolutely obsessed. A few months later after practicing non-stop, I started my Instagram account @thehappyevercrafter and it just blew up. People started asking me to teach, and things just snowballed from there.

 About a year and a half after I started, I had more than doubled my annual salary at my day job, so I left to do this full-time and never looked back!

How many Subscribers did you start out with, in the beginning? 

ZERO! I had no idea what a mailing list even was. I distinctly remember the first time I wanted to give out a "freebie" to my followers, I literally told them to send me a DM on Instagram with their email address and I'd email it directly to them from my personal gmail. 

MAN, how much a mailing list would have helped! Luckily, I had a friend who enlightened me a few months later and helped me set up ConvertKit.

What sort of list growth have you seen over the last months/years of your online journey? 

I've been growing my email list for a little under 3 years now, and I've taken it from 0 to about 50,000 subscribers!

What is your favorite thing about ConvertKit? (It’s okay if you have more than one. We don’t mind.) 

I love how easy it is to tag and segment different groups of people. I'm a big fan of segmenting and customizing multiple versions of the same email for different groups of people, and I'm able to get really granular with it.

Which ConvertKit feature(s) has helped you the most with growing your list? 

I'd say the ease-of-use of the simple Forms that I can embed on my site for opt-ins! It's really easy to make a quick Form and get it up and running.

How has your creator story changed your life and your future? 

I truly never envisioned myself doing anything but interior design, and I didn't realize that I wasn't fully fulfilled by my career until I started working for myself and doing something I love. Since starting my business, I've been able to increase my annual income by more than 800%, work remotely and travel the world meeting my students, and create WAY more flexibility in my life.

What is one thing you would share with a creator who’s just getting started? 

Just start, be completely open to learning new things ALL THE TIME, and don't be afraid to make mistakes publicly.

Do you have a hobby that could be something more? 

We'd love to help.


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