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Freelancing has always been the path for Christian. As a professional violinist, he was no stranger to entrepreneurship or forging a way lesser known. 

Out of his years of experience with creating his own way in the music industry, Christian discovered his passion for teaching others what he knew. Helping other classical musicians break out of the traditional mold to become more marketable in their industry meant Christian could teach everything he had been practicing for years as a freelancer. For him, it was the best of both worlds. 

A growing audience 

Taking his business in this new direction meant that Christian needed to create a way for his audience to engage with his new offerings. Creating a simple opt-in for his existing site was easy and helped  him drive his visitors toward a free ecourse. 

Using this simple incentive, Christian started sending each new subscriber a series of 10 emails sharing access to several pieces of premium content, including videos, downloadable ebooks, sheet music, and articles. 

"As I became successful with sales, it inevitably became important to automate and amplify my sales messages through content marketing."

The more he began to connect with his audience and teach them how to create sustainable income for themselves, the more his list of subscribers grew. His audience was listening to what he was teaching them, and they wanted more. 

Segmenting in ConvertKit for a more engaged list

With so many new subscribers, Christian had to find a way to tailor his email content for each different reader. Afterall, what’s interesting to one reader won’t be to another!

Using a segment in ConvertKit means creating a group of faithful readers that have all said they’d like to learn more about specific content, or a product that you’ve offered. Creating a segment allows you to talk directly to just these subscribers, rather than blasting your entire list every time you have news about this particular topic. 

This kind of list management creates a much more personal relationship with every subscriber, allowing for better engagement and ultimately long-term list health and residual income. 

For Christian, this meant he could email part of his list about a new course coming available, while he sent another segment of subscribers (who were not interested in that course) a new download about a separate topic. 

The freedom to give his audience exactly what they wanted through completely separated segments allowed Christian to expand his influence even further. Each separate group could learn what they needed, without receiving emails they weren’t interested in reading. 

Freelancing takes a village 

After years of working to build his audience online, as well as a sustainable income, Christian knew very well the importance of receiving help from others when he needed it. His favorite part of ConvertKit? The customer support. 

"They teach creators, and they have authentic relationships with customers. They lead by example...I can learn how to run my business by studying how Convertkit relates with me, as a customer."

Building an online living should never be done outside of a community, and Christian attributes his continued growth to this very thing- connecting with his audience in a meaningful way, by providing value on a personal level. He couldn’t do this without the ability that ConvertKit provides to segment his audience into different groups, as well as the industry-specific knowledge that he’s gleaned from things like live webinars and the ConvertKit blog, Tradecraft. 

Creators helping creators...helping creators. The gift that really does keep on giving.

Continued success 

So where to now? 

In his first 10 years, Christian received one million views on his Youtube channel. In 2018, he managed to gain another half a million views. 

His goal this year is to make it an even two million. 

Add to that his growing list of 13,000 subscribers and he is well on his way to continued success online. The factors that continue contributing to Christian’s success are:

  • Teaching what he knows to others in his niche 
  • Simple opt-in forms that make it easy for his audience to say yes to his content
  • Utilizing ConvertKit’s subscriber-centric system of tagging and segmenting his readers 
  • Creating useful valuable content, courses, and products for each of those segments 

There’s always someone to teach

Doing what you love and earning a living at the same time isn’t rocket science. It’s the simple combination of valuable content and a captivated  audience. 

"The things you help ONE client with are the things you can help a million people with. Help ONE customer or client. Then use the content to help a million.

Also don’t worry about having a big audience. Just serve the people in your audience." 

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