Mirlandra’s Kitchen, Boise

Meet Mirlandra.

Working full-time for a financial firm, Mirlandra was an entrepreneur at heart. Newly married, and with a long-standing appreciation for good food and community, she had been experimenting with and developing recipes for years. She never dreamed that it might turn into anything more. It simply began as an opportunity for Mirlandra to disconnect from a job that she definitely didn't love.

The corporate 9-5 wasn’t really her cup of tea, but leaving the rat race to pursue her love of serving others through amazing food had never entered her thoughts. 

Well, not yet anyway.

The beginning of an adventure

There were a few things she did know- she loved people, was passionate about great food, and combining the two was a recipe for goodness. She also had a bit of an independent streak, so when a friend suggested that she start a food blog, it caught her attention.

"I had NO idea what that really entailed and I had zero photography skills. My husband offered to build me a starting website… and we were off to the races! "

Within the first six months of having her site up and running, her sweet little side hustle quickly became her passion. This is where her heart and soul lived, and a desire to turn this into something more began to grow.

People were interested in what she had to say, because Mirlandra had a way of weaving words and recipes together like old friends. This meant that visits to her new blog were beginning to grow as well.  

With some big encouragement from her husband, Mirlandra quit her day job to focus completely on two very new adventures- her new hustle, and a new baby. She began to dream a little bit bigger.

Switching to ConvertKit 

She knew that she needed to engage in a deeper way with her readers, so she began using MailChimp to build her list. After six weeks, she had 28 subscribers. 

Even though she didn’t have much experience in the world of email marketing, Mirlandra still recognized the need for more support and resources than she was receiving from her current platform. Keeping up with the hustle of developing recipes and building her brand was requiring a lot of time, and she wanted every bit of it to count. Momentum was growing and she could feel it.  

So when it came to building her audience, she needed something uncomplicated. 

Enter ConvertKit.

The summer after beginning her email list, Mirlanda had grown to 1,300 subscribers and decided to make the change to ConvertKit. Again, after hearing from another friend that she should give this platform for creators a try, she jumped in. The first thing she found was how simple it was to set up and utilize automated emails to quickly and continuously engage her now growing list.

Could it really be this easy? 

Within less than a year at ConvertKit, Mirlandra watched her list growth escalate to 2,000 subscribers. 

The power of segmentation

Not all of Mirlandra’s email subscribers join her list for the same content: Some might look for every recipe she’s ever created, while others are interested in specific cooking techniques.

With ConvertKit, she was able to organize her subscribers into segments based on those interests, and deliver only the kind of content her subscribers wanted instead of mass emailing her whole list. This segmenting gave her emails a personal touch, and continues to help her build her list today.

"I really value the segmentation options within ConvertKit. I can keep my focus on creating, knowing that I can always reach out to the correct group of subscribers, without any hassle."

Please pass the freedom

 Switching to ConvertKit and automating her content has allowed Mirlandra to focus on building her online brand and presence. This has lead her across the country, to attend conferences, personal development retreats, and more. Going all in on her side hustle turned out to be the recipe for her success. 

"Starting my own business and growing through it has really changed who I am as a person and brought a kind of fulfillment I didn’t know was possible with work!  I love what I do now, the way I get to impact people, and the possibilities for the future!"

Spending less time on email marketing means that Mirlandra can focus on building relationships in her industry as well as new recipes, which are essentially her bread and butter. 

Pun intended. 

Spend any amount of time around Mirlandra, and you just might walk away with an idea for a hustle of your very own. Of this she would fully approve. 

"Believe in yourself!  It is going to be hard, you are going to get frustrated, and some days will just plain make you crazy!  If you keep doing the work, keep showing up for yourself, keep growing personally, choose to do things scared…there will come a day when you look back and realize that you have built something amazing!  It is this amazing process of creation that changes the game! "


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