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What You Should Know About Switching To A Dedicated IP
What You Should Know About Switching To A Dedicated IP

How to determine if a dedicated IP is the right fit for you and how to request one.

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First Things First

All emails are sent from an IP which transports your message to Subscribers' mailboxes. By default, ConvertKit customers send emails from a group of shared IPs. Our Deliverability and Compliance team are always monitoring the health and performance of these IPs to ensure they give you a solid foundation for your emails' deliverability.

However, some senders might prefer to send with a dedicated IP. Following are some things to consider when looking at a dedicated IP. 

Dedicated IP Prerequisites 

Whether a dedicated or shared IP is best for you with depend on the following factors:

Volume and Frequency

In order to sustain a dedicated IP, you'll need to send enough volume to maintain it. We recommend that you send a minimum of 50,000 messages, 3 times per week (150,000 messages per week total).


Using a dedicated IP means you will be relying more heavily on your own sending reputation. This means that negative engagement from your Subscribers, (marked as spam, unengaged, etc.), makes a bigger impact on your deliverability than it would on a shared IP where you have more cushion. If you want to use a dedicated IP, be sure that your sending reputation is in great standing, you are protected from listbombs, and that you are regularly pruning your list.

Requesting a Dedicated IP

If you meet the above requirements, then you might be ready to move to a dedicated IP. It's important to note that dedicated IPs cost $250/month. If you would like to request a dedicated IP, please reach out to the team! 

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