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How to Embed Forms on WordPress Using JavaScript
How to Embed Forms on WordPress Using JavaScript

This article will teach you how to embed your form in your WordPress posts or pages using our JavaScript embed code!

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In this article we’ll go over both the new block (Gutenburg) editor as well as the classic editor!

Where to get the embed code

From the ConvertKit form editor, click ‘Publish’ at the top of the page.

A window will popup with different embed options:

Copy the code from the JavaScript tab:

Once you have that code copied, you’re ready to paste it into WordPress.

Block (Gutenburg) Editor

1. Create a new ‘Custom HTML’ block (search for ‘HTML’ in the search bar if you don’t see it)

2. Paste in the JavaScript code

3. Click ‘Preview’, and your Form should appear in the block! That’s it.

Classic Editor

1. Switch from ‘Visual’ to ‘Text’ mode

2. Paste your JavaScript code

3. Switch back to Visual mode (if you want) — you won’t see your Form in the editor, but you should be able to see it on the page if you click ‘Preview Changes’ from the right sidebar.

NOTE: If your Wordpress site doesn't seem to use either of these editors, it's likely you have a more complex theme. We aren't able to provide help documentation for all the possible wordpress themes, so if you aren't able to figure out how to paste our JavaScript into an html or code block in your theme, it's best to contact your theme's support.

Quick Tips

  • If you want your form to show up embedded within your post or page, make sure it’s set to ‘Inline’ (as opposed to ‘Modal’ or ‘Slide in’)

  • If you’ve opted into your own list, and have your Form set to be hidden to existing Subscribers, make sure you use an Incognito/Private browsing window to be able to see it.

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