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Visual automations template library
Visual automations template library

A collection of visual automation templates ready for your use!

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Find the perfect visual automation template

As part of our visual automations feature, we’ve provided an entire library of visual automation templates. Use these templates to onboard and nurture your audience, or even pitch new products!

You can find the library by going to Visual Automations under the Automate tab in the navigation. After that, select Templates.

This takes you directly into the full template library! (We'll continue to add templates over time.)

We’ve tagged our templates with their respective components for your reference.

As an example, our “Release a new album” template uses our ConvertKit Commerce products, sequences and landing pages features.

You can also click the Preview button to view any template in more detail.

Templates tagged with “Creator Pro”, such as our “Grow your audience with SparkLoop” template, are for users on our Creator Pro plan.

NOTE: If you have subscribed to SparkLoop separately, you can use our “Grow your audience with SparkLoop” template even if you don’t have Creator Pro.

Bookmark your favorite templates

Did a particular template catch your eye? Hit the heart button to mark it as a favorite. 😍

Filter the template library

Using the filter option, you can filter our template library by these categories:

  • Favorites: These are the templates that you’ve bookmarked as a favorite (if any).

  • Launch: These templates help you launch a newsletter or product.

  • Grow: These templates help you grow your audience on social media and other channels.

  • Connect: These templates help you connect with your audience, such as by welcoming new subscribers.

  • Promote: These templates help you promote your products and bring in the moolah!

Build your own visual automation from scratch

If you’d prefer, you can also create a visual automation without using a template.

Simply click Start from scratch in the “Empty Automation” section to be directed to our visual automation builder.

Check out our guide on building a visual automation from scratch if you need help with this!

Get started with our visual automation templates

When you’ve decided which template you want to use, click Use this template.

A copy of the template will be added to your account.

After that, follow the steps in the guide below to learn how to modify it. 👇

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