Find the perfect template

Accompanying the Visual Automations feature is a library of template choices. This is a group of shared automations that can be selected from, when you create a new automation! 

You can find the library by clicking on your Automations tab in your account. Next, select Create New Automation, and then Browse.

This takes you directly into the full library! (We'll continue to add templates over time.) 

From here you'll have the option to preview the template, or just start using it! 

Go ahead. Check 'em out!

Why wait when you can get started right now? Here are links to each of these templates: 

Evergreen Newsletter 

Create an Evergreen Sequence from your newsletter content.
Grab this template!

Evergreen Product Pitch

Open and close a launch using automations in ConvertKit.
Grab this template!

Product Launch

Run a successful product launch with the click of a button.
Grab this template! 

Non-Buyer Follow-Up

This automation allows you to offer a downsell to those who did not purchase your product. You can also use it to collect feedback.
Grab this template!

Personalized Content 

Give your Subscribers exactly what they signed up for, using automation to send to different Segments of your list.
Grab this template! 

How to share a Visual Automation 

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