Having the flexibility to move your Subscribers in and out of Tags and Sequences manually is really important, and we've got you covered with Bulk Actions! 

Selecting your Subscribers

There are two ways to use Bulk Actions. You can select Subscribers individually, or all of the Subscribers in the list you're viewing.

To select individual Subscribers, just check the box on the left! 

To select ALL Subscribers in the list you're viewing, check the box at the top and be sure to click on "Select all [number] Subscribers".

Using Bulk Actions: An Overview 

Now that you have your Subscribers selected, you can use Bulk Actions by clicking the Bulk Actions dropdown. 

Here you can add or remove a Tag, add or remove a Sequence, export the selected subscribers, or delete the selected subscribers

If you're adding or removing a Tag or Sequence, you'll see these options pop up.

You can select the Tag(s) or Sequence(s) from the list, or search for them if needed! 

After you're done selecting the Tag(s) or Sequence(s) you'd like to add or remove, be sure to save and your changes will take effect.

What's existing and what's new:

  • Add a Tag
  • Remove a Tag (new!)
  • Add a Sequence
  • Remove a Sequence (new!)
  • Export
  • Delete 

The Experience

  • Bulk Actions drop-down menu will be disabled until Subscribers are selected
  • Select the Subscribers to apply an action to
  • Click on the Bulk Actions drop-down 
  • Select the action you want to run
  • Click Save 
  • The "Bulk Actions" tab will change to "Bulk Action in Progress"

The "Bulk Action in Progress" status will not change unless the screen is refreshed even if the action has been completed.

Don't forget!

Adding or removing Tags and Sequences will trigger any automations associated with those actions. Be sure to pause any automations you don't want to be triggered when making changes.

How To Begin A Visual Automation

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