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The All Important Double Opt-In
The All Important Double Opt-In

Using a double opt-in can lead to higher list engagement and better inbox placement.

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We recommend using double opt-in on all of your forms and landing pages.

In fact, it’s the default setting in ConvertKit.

With a double opt-in, your subscribers will receive an Incentive Email asking them to click a button and confirm that they wish to be on your email list.

So, what makes this important? 

Double opt-in protects your list and your deliverability, making sure your emails reach those who truly want to receive them. This can lead to more engaged subscribers and qualified leads. 

Some results of using double opt-in:  

  • Your list is more accurate since you confirm every Subscriber. If there's a typo in their entry, those subscriptions won't clog up your list with email addresses that will ultimately fail.

  • Subscribers who confirm interest are more likely to open your emails in the long run, which improves your deliverability rankings.  

  • It protects against fake Subscribers, spammers, and bots designed to attack your deliverability. (That's a real thing.) If your list is flooded with bad email addresses, your overall deliverability will decline, meaning those Subscribers who want to receive your emails--or purchase your products--will have a more difficult time doing so.

For the best results, make sure "Send incentive email" is always checked, and "Auto-confirm new subscribers" is unchecked.

 Like this: 

We work hard to fight spammers on your behalf, but sticking with a double opt-in will save you from an artificially inflated list and potential deliverability issues down the line.

When should you use single opt-in? 

Very rarely, if ever. 

If you’re at a live event, sharing a form with only a select group, or using a form for organizational purposes, and not sharing it publicly, single opt-in may be an option. 

Single opt-in is like leaving your front door unlocked all the time. Sure, your friends can walk right in, but so can the annoying neighbor who never returns your Tupperware, and the local scam artist who wants your stereo for themselves. 

Keep your Tupperware, your stereo, and your deliverability safe. Most importantly, guard the ability to connect with your true audience--because they want to hear from you! 

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