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Shortcuts for the ConvertKit email editor
Shortcuts for the ConvertKit email editor

The new email editor has some handy shortcuts to help you do more and work faster!

Updated over a week ago

In the ConvertKit email editor, there are shortcuts that can help you format and edit your emails. 

This article has a breakdown of them all and will continue to update as new shortcuts are added! 

Markdown Shortcuts

The new editor supports writing in markdown to keep your hands on the keyboard and allow a faster writing experience. Try these shortcuts:

  • # + Space: Heading 1 

  • ## + Space: Heading 2

  • ### + Space: Heading 3

    • ...and so on, through Heading 6

  • * or - + Space: Unordered List

  • 1. + Space: Ordered List

  • > + Space: blockquote

  • --- + Space: horizontal rule

  • / : opens the block menu (only at the beginning of a line)

Keyboard shortcuts

The editor also supports a bunch of keyboard shortcuts. We’ll be adding more over time!

NOTE: "Mod" below means "Cmd" on a Mac and "Ctrl" on a Windows PC.

  • Mod + z: Undo

  • Mod + k: Add link (when you have text highlighted)

  • Mod + b: Bold

  • Mod + i: Italics

  • Mod + u: Underline

  • Shift + Enter: New single line (but not a new paragraph)

  • Shift + Mod + l: align left

  • Shift + mod + e: align center

  • Shift + mod + r: align right

  • Shift + mod + j: justify

  • Alt + Enter: open block menu to add a new node below current one

  • Shift + Alt + Enter: open block menu to add a new node above current one

  • Mod+[ or shift+tab: unindent list

  • Mod+] or tab: indent list

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