So you're a blogger. 

You’ve built several successful opt-ins. Your audience has become a growing email list. You’re probably consistent with weekly or monthly content as well. So, where do you go from here? 

Whether you’re new to ConvertKit, or just looking to take your list growth to the next level, we’re here to share the next step toward earning a living online, doing what you love. 

Darrell was a blogger. 

After consistently posting valuable content to his blog for more than a year, his list had continued to grow steadily. With a belief that he could turn his online work into a sustainable income, he was ready to give his efforts a new boost. He wanted to provide something that would bring new value to his current Subscribers, and also entice new readers to say yes to what he offered. 

So what could he do? 

Infuse list growth with something new 

Often, plateaus are often reached, on the journey to earning a living online. One of the first can come after faithfully following the initial best practices of 

  • posting regular content 
  • creating simple, dynamic opt-ins and 
  • providing valuable information to Subscribers.

Darrel had reached this first pivotal moment, and needed a next step that would provide more email list growth, while not forgetting to care for his current Subscribers. He decided the best way to achieve this was to create new, more advanced material from what he had previously shared with his Subscribers. 

Darrel got busy creating a brand new series of emails (Sequence), with more detailed content than he had previously offered. This way, he already knew that the content was of interest to his readers. 

He then offered this new, more in-depth content to his existing list by sending a one-off Broadcast. Each existing Subscriber could easily join the new course by clicking a link within that email! 

For new Subscribers, Darrel created a new Form that he embedded directly onto his blog’s home page, allowing every new visitor the chance to receive this content as well! 

Monetize your list with advanced email content 

To level up his list engagement, and begin earning an income online, Darrel simply took his existing content and created a more advanced, paid version for his Subscribers who wanted more. You can do this too! 

If your list growth has slowed, but you’re ready to see it continue upward, with the potential to monetize, creating advanced content using ConvertKit might be the perfect fit. 

Build your first email course

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