At ConvertKit, we refer to one-time emails as Broadcasts. 

Broadcasts are different from Sequences in that they’re intended to be sent as a single campaign at a specific time. (Sequences can be automated, and may send at different times based on the actions of the Subscriber.)

How they work

When you click Broadcasts in the top navigation bar of your account, you'll be taken to the Broadcasts Page, which looks like this:

Here you will see all your past Broadcasts, as well as any queued or drafted Broadcasts you have. (If you're just starting out, this will be empty.) 

Broadcasts are listed in chronological order from when they were created. You can also search for specific Broadcasts using the Search function!

To create a new Broadcast, click the red New Broadcast button toward the top right.

The Recipients Page

The first step of creating your Broadcast is selecting who it’s from, and who it’s going to. We refer to this as the Recipients Page, and it looks like this:

Your Sending Email

The first thing you'll do is select which email address you want your Broadcast to be from, via this dropdown at the top of the page:

You can change the sender name and email address on a per Broadcast or per Sequence basis. Replies to the Broadcast will go to to the email address you select here!

NOTE: If you should ever need to edit or update your Sending Email, you can do so by clicking into your Account Settings > Email. 

The Recipients

Next, select the Subscribers you want to receive your Broadcast:

You can choose to whom you'd like to send your Broadcast, or exclude people based on certain Tags, Segments, Forms, and Sequences.

The red number in the corner will update based on how many Subscribers in your account match the criteria you’ve selected.

Quick Tip: If you will be sending to the same set of rules often (e.g. send to All Subscribers, but exclude "No Newsletter" Tag) you should create a Segment matching that criteria. Then you can select this Segment each time you send a Broadcast, instead of having to manually rebuild the criteria each time.

When both of those are good to go, click the red Next Step button on the lower right corner of the page. That’ll take you to a place we like to call The Content Page, which we’ll cover in our next article!

Writing & Sending a Broadcast

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