NOTE: Be sure to check out our full guide on our integration with Teachable!

I don't see my course

We can only see published courses so if courses are not published, we may not get data from Teachable. Check to make sure it's live! 

I don't see my products listed in Visual Automations 

Like other purchases integrations, we need to trigger a purchase per course before it'll show up as an option for VA. It should be available for Rules. (This is a limitation with the Teachable API.) 

If you need purchases to be available for your Visual Automations, we recommend doing a test purchase for each course.

The names of my courses are incorrect

If you see names like "Free Course" or "Paid Course," rather than the actual names of the course, this is based on what Teachable sent over to ConvertKit. (We don't have any control of this detail from our end.)

Their team will be able to assist with fixing this. Please reach out to the Teachable team to ask for assistance! (They're great.) 

There are multiple integrations showing for Teachable

Sometimes, you will see multiple Teachable options in a dropdown menu, for Rules or Visual Automations. This is usually a result of multiple Teachable connections.

 The fix we currently offer is to delete any unused integration connection and purchases that were tied to that integration. If this is something you'd like us to do, please write into support and request this specifically, and we can have that extra integration and the products associated with it removed.

I see duplicate products in my account

You might see duplicated products. While we can try to merge all products of the same name within a single Teachable connection, this is very dependent on how that data was passed over and ultimately the fix requires Teachable to work with us. 

If you write into support, we can try to merge these duplicates, but we highly recommend reaching out to the Teachable team also, to have them assist with correcting the integration code.

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