If you're having some trouble getting forms to work on your Squarespace site or with your purchases, we've compiled a few tips for troubleshooting!

My Form doesn't always load

If you've embedded our Form using the Javascript embed code, and it doesn't always load, this is because some Squarespace themes have ajax pre-fetch cache loading enabled by default. 

This means it's not loading elements on the page in real time, which means our Javascript is being called each time the page loads. Thus you may experience the Form not showing up. To ensure the Form works each and every time, this feature must be disabled. See here for more info:

My trigger a modal with a link click isn't working

We have a fully updated guide on how to accomplish this. We've linked it for you here. 

My purchases aren't coming through

Squarespace Commerce requires a different plan, in order for the Purchases feature to work with ConvertKit. You can check with their support to be sure you're on the right one! 

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