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Gumroad: Troubleshooting
Gumroad: Troubleshooting

Here are a few tips for your Gumroad + ConvertKit integration!

Updated over a week ago

Our Gumroad integration is pretty straightforward. However, if you're experiencing some trouble, here are a few things you can check! 

Test Purchase

Once the integration is connected, you'll need to make sure at least one purchase has been triggered from Gumroad before your products become available in Visual Automations.

NOTE: They should be available immediately under Rules.

Name Your Products First

Aside from the purchase requirement above, sometimes the name of a product is passed over to us by Gumroad, based on whether the product is a free product or paid product. 

To avoid issues like this, simply name your product prior to purchase. If the naming of the product comes by way of a purchase, we have no way currently to rename the product on our end.

(If you rename the product retroactively, it may possibly apply that name in the future.)

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