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Samcart Integration: Troubleshooting
Samcart Integration: Troubleshooting

A few tips for your integration with ConvertKit & Samcart!

Updated over a week ago

A lot of our integrations live within your account, on the Integrations page. The Samcart integration, however, was built by the Samcart team and is integrated on their end.
That said, purchases can still come in from Samcart as purchases, because the Samcart team built the integration to support them!

If you've gone through the setup steps, and have completed the integration, and a purchase came through but isn't passing the subscriber details over as expected, please check the integrations page to see if a checkmark appears next to your Samcart integration.ย 

If the checkmark is present, let us know, and include an example Subscriber that made a purchase after the integration has been connected.
If the checkmark is not present, we'd recommend checking with the Samcart team, to ensure that no integration steps were overlooked.

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