First, we recommend using the plugin primarily for 3 specific reasons:

  • To set a default Form at the bottom of every blog post or page. This way, you don't have to edit all your posts and pages to have a Form.

  • To set a CK Landing Page as your WP page

  • To show custom content to Subscribers that visit a specific page, and have a specific Tag after opting in from the Form on that page.

Outside of these three, we highly recommend against using the Plugin, or even the WP shortcode (and in most cases the HTML embed), unless there is a specific reason. For all other use cases, we highly recommend the Javascript embed as the preferred method as this usually will create less conflicts.

Common WordPress Issues

NOTE: If you are encountering an issue that relates to using the WP shortcode, a plugin widget, etc, please try the Javascript embed to see if that resolves the issue.

Plugin or Form dropdown are missing Forms or Landing Pages

Go to the plugin page and click the refresh button. Make sure you are on the latest version of the plugin as well. This refresh button ensures any changes you made on your CK account will be updated in the plugin as well. Now go back to your pages or posts and refresh the page and see if the option is available in the dropdown now.

My CK Landing Page as my WP page isn't working

We want to make sure the WP editor is completely blank and that the Form is set to select "none" and the Landing Page, to ensure it will load the Landing Page as the WP page. 

If the system detects any content added on the page, it will choose not to display the CK landing page at all.

I embedded my Form but it's looking or acting incorrectly

Depending on what method is used to embed a Form or where that embed exists, it can come into conflict with a site's existing site design, and may cause issues. For this reason, we recommend using the Javascript embed code, and embedding that lower on the page (even in the footer if it's a Modal or slide-in Form), creating less chance of it being overwritten or having a conflict.

I can't trigger a Modal by a link click

This commonly happens for two reasons. If your creating a button that can be clicked to trigger a Modal, and that button was generated by a WP theme that has a button generator, none of these will work as they don't allow adding attributes required for the button. You'll need to create your own button (likely using HTML) in order to make the button work.

The second most common issue is the javascript embed of the Form is missing. Even though you've added the Link Trigger that triggers the Modal, the Form itself still needs to be embedded on the page.

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